Recent News on the Different Types of Technologies Today

Many people do not know a lot of details about the internet. As long as they can browse the web, they do not care about the types of internet technologies.


This is a type of internet technology which involves the connection between a computer and a modem by dialing a phone number. Once the modem converts the signal from analog to digital form, the signal passes through a landline. This is not the best type of technology to use especially for people seeking reliability and high speed. The phone lines do not always guarantee quality services. The speed of the internet can also be slow as the computer has to share the same line with other devices.

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

DSL type of internet technology offers an internet that is on throughout. It is like the Dial-Up technology in that it also uses a phone. But, DSL utilizes two lines. As such, the phone does not have to be active all the time. This technology does not also require one to dial the number to establish an internet connection. Data transport occurs through the router. The speed of the connection also varies.


Wi-Fi is the most commonly used form of the internet today. Thus, telephone lines are not a necessity when establishing an internet connection. Wi-Fi uses radio frequency. The best thing about this technology is that it allows internet accessibility at any point. All a person needs is a digital gadget and to be in an area with the wireless network. The internet speeds vary; some are fast while others can be slow.

Today, people can connect to the internet using several technologies. All of them require different hardware. They also vary regarding the reliability. Dial-Up technology, for instance, can be very slow at times.