Germany’s Information Moderation from Facebook

Germany has taken the initiative to moderate information coming in through the largest social network in the world, Facebook. However, since Jan 1st, the government signed a new legislation that will see it put more in filtering information passed through Facebook.

With more than one thousand moderators, Germany is one of the largest online regulators in the world. Their influence and services spread beyond their borders with other countries observing and trying to learn from them.


The content moderators spend their days watching content uploaded by different people on the internet. There work is to delete any content that does not abide by Facebook’s community standards. This exposes the moderators to different levels of disturbing content on a daily basis.

To mitigate any effects the content might have on the content moderators, trauma specialists are on assignment seven days of the week. Their work is to help the moderators work through the various traumatic experiences they might encounter.

Content moderators have also signed non-disclosure agreements that prevent them from sharing any information with the outside world.

Cases of Violence

The recent past has carious sparks of violence fueled by false information spread through Facebook. Germany has also had its share of violence fueled by hate speech which it fights hard to prevent from ever happening again. That is why there have been moves to ensure that the country is not plagued with false information that might upheaval the cohesion within the country.

Stringent measures

Considering that there are instances where content still lingers online even after deletion, there have been other stringent measures put in place to ensure that companies take responsibility for any inflammatory remarks that might cause violence.

This involves hefty fines adding up to millions of Euros to any company that takes more than 24 hours to delete such content from the internet.