Future of internet providing

Besides the music industry, no other sector feels the pinch of disruptive internet connection than internet service providers. The primary role of this industry is to avail internet access to the customers. As business entities, the internet service providers must provide high quality and consistency services to their customers as well make profits for the shareholders.

However, there are many challenges the internet service providers are facing which directly interfere with their primary objective. Below are some of the problems.

Internet regulation

Internet service providers play a significant role in helping low enforcing agencies in detecting, preventing as well as monitoring severe criminal activities globally. The law is not clear whether this role is mandatory for all the internet service providers to adopt, or whether to leave it to the law enforcement agencies, beside the role depending on the capacity of service providers to monitor and track all the internet traffic passing through the gadget connected to their network. The situation forces the provider to disregard the privacy of the customer in some circumstances and gives the perception that they are best suited to play the role of the internet gatekeepers.

Competition and declining markets

The internet access growth is affected by the fact that the earth population is finite. When half of the people in a specific market get connected, the business began to decline and the providers are left fighting among themselves for the remaining customers. The situation becomes worse with new market entrance, which comes with new business models which are sometimes disruptive.

Wires connection and broadband

As stated above, the internet service provider competes amongst themselves basing on the connectivity speed. As such, the introduction of broadband internet connection with it enhanced internet features and experience has come with external competition. This competition has led to falling of connection price regardless of the extra bandwidth consumption by the consumers and investments